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Work is Hard !

Finding and Retaining Quality Work is even HARDER

There are too many question and very few answers.

How do I earn more $$?

I want to continue to do well in my job, how do I do that?

How do I get to that dream job?

Job preparation is tough and frustrating!!!

I have the skills, experience, a good salary, and don’t want to start from scratch!!!

I want to pivot!!!

I don’t know what type of industry / role I want!!!

I want to progress!!!

I am evaluating upskilling and I am not sure if it will help me?

I’m not sure if the path to change will result in the desired outcome?

Your own career GPS

Sukiru is your personalized Career GPS that helps you with strategic planning, career diagnostics, and job search. It is based on job market intelligence and needs of employers.

Find the right job

Sukiru is designed to tell you what jobs you should be applying for and how you rank against your competition. .

Bridge skill gaps

Sukiru (スキル) m. skills focusses on your skill gaps but also skill sets you have that others don’t (think of it as a smart matchmaker)

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