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9 unconventional job strategies for your traditional job search

November 5, 2021

9 unconventional job search strategies for your traditional job search

Have you ever wondered if there are unconventional job search strategies that work? There are, and this article will talk about 9 of them, especially when you’re not getting any leads. Utilize these strategies in order to stand out from other candidates and eventually land a job.

How can you find jobs traditionally?

A job search can be difficult and frustrating. There are many different ways to find a job, including phone books, newspaper classifieds, cold cover letters/resumes, and local papers that have listings for jobs in the area you want to work in.

A good 60% of job openings in major companies are filled without advertising to the public.

Though traditional methods for finding your dream job are still alive because of their success rates, they take time and effort. As the economy changes, many people are looking for unconventional ways to find jobs.

Do unconventional job search strategies really work?

Traditional methods for finding a job are not the best option anymore. There are many other ways to get your foot in the door, and some of them may even be more cost-effective than traditional methods.

Below is a list of 9 unconventional job search strategies that can help you find work.

#1: Be selective

To begin, be selective in your job search. It is important to focus on the role you want to work for, rather than just searching for any job out there.

List down the companies you are interested to work with, reach out to professionals who work at the company before applying. Ask questions via email or phone about what they like and find challenging at their job. Most likely they will tell you about the job opening and then you can ask them for tips on getting your application in the right hands.

Focus on where you will have the greatest opportunity to add value.

#2: Maintain a strong digital presence

One way to maintain a strong digital presence is by creating your own website. It should be easy for potential employers to find you and it shouldn’t look like other websites out there.

Additionally, search open positions in your field and identify phrases that those companies use online to see what they are looking for. Tailor your social media profiles with those keywords the hiring managers are searching for and be the first one on the list when they search those terms.

People are increasingly using social media to search for jobs. It’s important to use the right platform and tools in order to make your job hunt successful.

– Connect with people on LinkedIn.

– Ask friends about companies they’ve worked at.

– Connect with different types of people across different industries.

– Know about work culture and company values.

– Connect with people who seem like they might be a fit for your future roles.

– Use social media to connect with companies that interest you.

– Ask for introductions to people you admire.

– Network with a recruiter.

– Attend networking events and mixers.

#3: Wish to impress recruiters? Get creative with your resume

Try to think of ways that you can make yourself stand out from the other candidates. One unconventional strategy is to make a video resume.

A web resume is also the best option for those who are visual. It can be easily pasted into a brief cover letter and will help you connect with potential employers on other levels than just words in their resumes.

#4: Network regularly for best results

Networking is a good way to grow your professional network and find new job opportunities. You should try to network regularly by meeting with people face-to-face or online. But it’s important to meet with people who are doing what you want to do, learn what they do, and ask for help.

#5: Ever thought of turning to a headhunter? Think now

Whose work in your field do you admire?

What employers are known for being a good place to grow in your career?

A headhunter is someone who searches for jobs for you.

If you are looking for a new job, consider hiring a headhunter or contacting a placement agency. They can help you find the right position and get an interview at your dream company.

Looking for companies you have an interest in allows for better chances to find opportunities that are right up your alley and also help with building a career portfolio.

#6: Be vulnerable and ask for advice

Too often we think we have to sell ourselves as a know-it-all in order to get our foot in the door. It’s important to remember that it is okay to ask people for advice.

The key to getting a job after being unemployed is starting by being vulnerable and sharing your admiration. Ask for advice from people who have been in the same position as you as they will be more inclined to open up with you about their struggles. They will be able to help, guide, and support your search process with their expertise and knowledge of what it takes on the market today. There are many questions that you need to know the answers to. What is your specialty? What is your growth strategy? Think deeply and ask for advice.

#7: Bypass HR for recruitment

Bypassing HR is something that many job seekers do in order to get the interview process started. How do you make contact with hiring managers at these companies? By attending conferences, luncheons, and panel discussions where folks who work for the company are attending or speaking can help you to make connections with people who might be able to assist you in getting an interview. Introducing yourself, getting a business card when possible, or connecting on LinkedIn will help you create a good impression when networking.

Job search strategies include finding out what your target company does by using Google searches, asking friends about their favorite companies they would recommend working for, and joining online groups related to your industry of choice.

#8: Create ads online

This method is new and could work for the younger generation. Millennials are more likely to find jobs through social media than other generations, so it makes sense that this idea would be a good fit for millennials.

The idea of creating ads online is one that can be expensive, but it’s almost free to test. Before you start – do figure out what you have accomplished that proves you’re a valuable employee?

This strategy has many benefits because you don’t have to spend money on advertising or marketing for your business and you also get the opportunity to create a unique ad every time.

#9: Be a fan

A job search is hard work. It’s not always easy to get interviews, so some people are turning to unconventional tactics for their job search.

– Be a fan of the company on social media channels.

– Review the company or write emails to them.

– Use Facebook pages for finding updates on vacancies and new jobs that might be available near you.

– Keep up with the company on social media.

– Use text, email, and follow companies on social media for getting information about job vacancies.

– Follow the company on LinkedIn and post questions to your network of contacts.

– Attend events that are related to different showcases around town for showcasing their talent, skills, passions, or interests.

Are job fairs outdated?

If you are looking for a new career, job fairs can be an effective way to find employment. Searching for events in your local area and industry will help you get started on the hunt. As you get to meet the employers in person, you should research the organizations that will be attending the job fair and prepare your questions about their organization beforehand. Career fairs are effective when it comes to finding a new job, but they may not work for every situation.

Is there anything else you can do to land a job?

  1. Make your own job.
  2. Join a community of freelancers and constantly network with them.
  3. Use the internet to find a new career that fits your skills and passions – there are many online resources available, including blogs with information on how to get started.
  4. Look for work in unconventional places, such as hospitals and schools that have open positions within their admin departments or custodial staff – these types of jobs are often overlooked by job seekers.
  5. Be willing to take a pay cut or consider jobs that are not in your field – these positions may provide more flexibility with hours and location, which is important if you have a family or young children.
  6. Consider part-time work – you may find that this is the best option for your situation – it will allow you to keep some of your income, while still also being able to take on new opportunities.
  7. Consider interning at a company before accepting an offer – this way you can see if the work is something that you are interested in and if the company is a good fit for you.

The job search is a difficult process. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know how to find your dream career or that everyone else has figured out what they want and where to go from there.

As ridiculous s it may sound, Instead of looking for a job, love what you do. When you do that, it turns slowly into your passion.

It has been proven to be the best advice as it can lead to success in life.

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