Entry Level Jobs: A comparison and guide to easy tech jobs for careers in coding

November 30, 2021

A step-by-step guide to easy entry-level jobs for careers in coding, remote and in-office

The information age is upon us and it’s transforming the way we live. Almost every industry has changed dramatically in the past few decades, which means that there are many new jobs for anyone who looks at their career goals with fresh eyes.


Coding job opportunities are no different–there is a never-ending supply of entry-level positions available across all industries, including our own digital realm.

This article will cover a few important things, such as what coding job titles might look like and the qualifications you’ll need to get them. Read more now!

What is an entry-level coding job?

Entry-level coding jobs are positions that require no previous experience in software development, computer science, or programming. These positions offer competitive pay, flexible work arrangements such as working from home, pay more than the average job, and tend to be less stressful. They can range from being a front-end web developer to an iOS app developer.

Entry-level positions are the first step towards a career in the field of code development and programming.

What are the basic requirements for coding?

The entry-level coding jobs listed depend on the specific company, but they are all easy to apply for. Some companies even hire with an associate degree in Computer Science if you have graduated from a top-notch school rather than Mathematics. The pay packages are generally much better for computer science graduates.

In addition, you must possess knowledge about programming languages like HTML5 or CSS3 as well as web development skills like Python or Ruby on Rails. Along with that, you must possess good communication skills.

What are the common entry-level jobs that would apply to coding?

Junior web developer

A Junior web developer is someone who has just started to become a web developer and they may not have had any formal training. They typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and little to no experience.


Web developers work in programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Python. They need to have or learn skills of interpretation that help them understand the meaning behind a piece of code they may be working on.

Promotion opportunities: Senior web developer, software engineer, or front-end developer

Data analyst

Data analysts gather information from various sources to extract insights and then translate that data into charts or reports that inform business leaders as they make decisions. Data analysts are often employed by governments, businesses, or organizations that collect and store data to make data-driven decisions.

Data analysts need to know databases and coding languages. For this coding career, individuals need skills in statistics, math, and computer programming.

Skills required: Database, programming languages like JavaScript and XML, data mining, and segmentation processes

Promotion opportunities: Senior Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Analytics Manager

The field of data analytics is projected to grow 22% by 2030.

Digital strategist

A digital strategist is a person who uses digital marketing strategies to promote or sell products. Digital strategists are responsible for providing information about the company’s online presence, including social media platforms and digital advertisements. They often have a background in marketing, sales, or other related fields. They typically work with online advertising, HTML emails and email marketing, metrics, and analytics programs.


Skills required: Interpersonal communication, understanding of digital marketing techniques like SEO and SEM, and the ability to interpret analytics and data.


Promotions: Senior data analyst, data scientist, and analytics manager


Digital analyst

A digital analyst is someone who uses software to analyze the performance of websites, apps, and social media. Digital analysts can be found at companies like Google or Facebook.

If you’re looking for a career in digital analytics, have an understanding of metrics apps like Google Analytics and tools for A/B testing and customer research. If your skills are on par with that knowledge, then basic HTML and CSS should also be handy since minor changes don’t need to go through design or development processes.

Technical skills: A mix of business and marketing skills, technical skills, and analytical skills

Promotion opportunities: Senior market analyst or data analysis manager

This is the top-paying occupation in the United States.

Junior web designer

A junior web designer is someone who would typically be in the role of a beginner or intermediate web designer. They are integral contributors to marketing and business development teams. Junior designers often learn by working for a company or on other people’s websites.

Promotions opportunities: Senior web developer, software engineer, or front end developer

Entry-Level Medical Coding Jobs – Remote

Entry-level medical coding jobs are a great way to break into the healthcare industry without a lot of experience.

The process involves the medical biller taking the coded information, submitting the bill. Coder applies industry-standard codes that relate to specific medical diagnoses, treatments, and procedures to patient health records. The billing work is typically done within a larger company or hospital setting while coding is done remotely by freelancers for small companies which may do both billing and coding work.


The entry-level medical coding jobs are categorized into remote and local positions.

A medical billing and coding diploma program will provide the necessary skills needed for successful employment as well as lead candidates towards certifications such as Certified Medical Coder (CMC) and Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS).

Professional medical billing and coding careers offer the following benefits:

  • You can work from home. Many healthcare providers outsource their work, so you do not need to work from a specific office location.
  • Businesses can be built with little overhead costs.
  • Low cost: Only needs a computer, medical coding software, clients, or a list of possible clients.
  • Once you are known in the medical industry as a professionally trained and reliable biller and coder, you can develop your home-based business at a low cost.
  • No one is standing over your shoulder telling you what to do and when to do it.
  • Medical billers and coders are expected to grow faster than average for other occupations.

Can you become a coder without a degree?

People are beginning to question whether or not it is possible to become a coder without a degree. Code Bootcamp programs, community colleges, and four-year degrees provide people with the skills needed for some coding job interviews.

Coding jobs without a degree are possible but you must have the right skill set to land one of these entry-level positions. Technical assessments such as online quizzes and technical tests may be required before an interview can take place.

What are the common paths for entry-level coding jobs?

Coding is a booming field that has been growing rapidly. There are many different paths to becoming a coder, including education and experience. Full-time entry-level coding jobs provide benefits like health insurance, retirement, and paid time off as well as pay varying by location.

These jobs are important as they provide entry into the field. These jobs typically earn an average salary, so it is beneficial to create a job post with clear expectations and qualifications for incumbents.

Some common paths for entry-level coding positions include:

Coding Bootcamps

When it comes to learning how to code, the best way is through coding boot camps. These are high-intensity programs that can help you get a job after graduation. There are also entry requirements for each of the different types of boot camps for students who want to learn about programming or software development.


Although there is no guarantee that attending will increase your job prospects, 81% of participants believe it did after their boot camp experience.

Quick fact – An average Grad spends less than six months in career transition from starting a Bootcamp to finding their first job.

Community College

A community college is a type of educational institution that provides post-secondary education, usually to people who do not have the standard four-year college degrees. Community colleges typically offer a variety of associate degrees and certificates to teach coding.

Some community colleges also offer online courses for those who want more flexibility in their education plans. Community college programs take between six months and two years to complete.

Coding Degrees

Coding Degrees are a set of skills that help you to become a software engineer. They can be earned through courses at universities and colleges as well as online courses. Coding degrees often include courses in computer science, information technology, software engineering, and web development.

Job hunting will be easier because of a coding degree. Coding degrees help you launch your career path as the job market is booming with demand for software engineers, developers, computer scientists, etc.

European companies posted nearly 900,000 ads for new tech jobs in the first quarter of 2021.

How do I get a job in coding with no experience?

  • You need a good resume. Employers skim over resumes, so try and catch their eye.
  • Keep tech-related stuff at the top. Other experiences and education should be at the end.
  • Clear two-column list of technical and soft skills.
  • Portfolio: Link to GitHub and social media
  • Referrals: Something that will make your resume stand out and be seen.
  • Get your resume reviewed by other people. Don’t embellish and don’t use gimmicks.
  • Build your own site. Basic HTML and CSS skills are needed to start. You can always improve it and add to it as time goes by.
  • Use social networks as tools.
  • Find the active communities in your area and connect with them. Tech communities can be small in most places and people get to know each other quickly.
  • Go to meetups and tech conferences.
  • Start applying to companies that are hiring. Don’t be intimidated by technical prerequisites in the offer.

Tips on how to improve and secure a job in coding

A quick Google search on “tips for getting a job in coding” will bring up many different articles with information about how to get your first programming job. Some of the most common tips include

Developing code

Online learning platforms provide a wide range of courses to help you learn the basics and find a job in coding. They also provide career search assistance so that it will be easier to find your first position as a coder.

Have your code reviewed

When applying for a job in coding, it is important to let your code be reviewed by other programmers. Tools can also help you improve and identify weaknesses that you might not know about before applying.

Pair programming with an expert

Pair programming is an effective method of working with someone who knows more than you so that both parties can benefit from the experience. It’s a good way to avoid common mistakes in development and product design, as well as learn new skills.

Complete coding challenges

Entry-level jobs in coding can be difficult to find. There are some online resources that will help you with the process, such as completing coding challenges and practicing beforehand. Difficulty levels increase as you progress.

Instances of coding challenges

Using Java, how do you reverse an array in place?

How do we print all leaves of a binary tree? Why do we do this?

Coding jobs are plentiful for those who know how to write code at a basic level with proficiency even if they don’t have any degrees or certification that would help them land these positions – unless of course, they want to work as an app developer!

The entry-level coding job market is extremely competitive, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right qualifications and experience, you can quickly move up in your career.

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